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See what you remember from the days of BASCI programming!

IBM BASIC Quiz is a quiz based game, that is for all those that has dabbled in BASIC, in whatever form, BASIC, the programming language! Yep, the one with the numbered lines of code, with hard to figure out PEEK and POKE commands and subroutines and so on! If you've had a home computer in the 80s or the 90s, you should download this little thing and take a trip back in time. IBM BASIC Quiz is a DOS looking game, all the way; it almost looks like an application; but it works pretty well, and it does a great job at offering you the bare necessitates of playing such a game. It lists the question and the multiple answers (there are 3 possible answers to each one). You type the number corresponding to the right answer and that keeps going on, until the 100 or so questions are depleted. Yep, unfortunately it's a rather small game, but, even in spite of that it works pretty decently, and it definitely will put you through your paces, here and there. And, with its very old looking, ASCII based interface, it's a treat for anyone that was a bedroom programmer in the good olden days! Download The Computer Quiz, from the same developers as well; just as decent as well.

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