Word Whiz

Puzzle 1990 Dos Apogee Word or trivia

Synonyms and definitions based quiz; English language based

Word Whiz is a nice, well produced game, one that offers you a good amount of word based quiz type challenges; you will need to know the definition of English words, or to give synonyms to words. It's got a good vocabulary and while the graphics are minimalist (it looks like a BASIC coded game, without no machine code, just BASIC proper!) it does little to take away the joy of looking inside yourself for a word or phrase. SO, give it a go, it's really immersive if you like such games, where your language based know how is tested. At any rate, you will find the game to be pretty interesting and well produced, and more than anything, you will get 4 volumes of questions, with the words varying. A good alternative if you like such games is to download Word Crazy, another flurry of word based quiz questions and the like. But, more than anything, what Word Whiz does great is aid learning English, so, I'd say, if you're a student of English looking to improve your vocabulary, give this one a go. Other than that, Word Whiz is just well done and will keep you entertained for hours, in spite of its simplicity.

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