Action 1997 Windows Dosbox Microfolies Driving

Fun truck sim, mainly plays like an arcader

If you've tried 18 Wheels of Steel: Across America, or some other hardcore trucking game, thought it to be an alright experience but all that realism kind of fell out of fashion with you, then Trucks might be the game that brings you that joy back, of going pedal to the metal with a truck, but in a more lite, arcade type of presentation. However, don't expect to be a greasy trucker in this world (sic!). Nope, this one sends you trucking on a planet called Cooroocoocoo (yeah, kind of like those wafer baton thingies!). You'll chose your metal beast from an initial selection and then go about doing your business, which mission based and mainly about safely taking freight from one area to another one. On the road though, there are power ups to pick, areas that increase your speed and other arcade things of this nature, so, yeah, this one wants to be fun above all else. Graphically, it's an alright game, but play it in SVGA graphics, for improved palette and improved polygon count. So, yeah, while not some beast of unending polish and diversity, Trucks pays its dues if lite fun is what you are after!

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