Terminal Velocity

Simulation 1995 Dos Dosbox 3D Realms Flight Unconventional Action Sci fi

Shooting and sci-fi flight game; huge maps!

Terminal Velocity offers you a great combination of shooting and flight gameplay. You will be flying futuristic ships while attempting to get all the powerups, as you would normally do in a regular arcade shooter game, but, then again, you will not be performing your activities in small, confined spaces; no, you will be flying within maps that make up no less than 400 thousand square miles, which, for all intents and purposes is a lot. Another great thing about Terminal Velocity is that all your ships are very well produced; they fly nicely, they control very well, and controlling your altitude is very simple. Sure, with a setup that includes a gamepad it's even smoother and better, but playing the game with a keyboard only is by no means a hassle. The game also has an involving story, as, by the end of it, you will be the one known as the Savior of the Known Galaxy, a title which adds a certain tongue in cheek humor to the game. So, download and play it, along with Tube, another futuristic racer, less sprawling in size but well executed.

A fabulous shooter game

The reason this game was not so popular in the past is that it required a lot of hardware to keep it running smoothly. Thankfully, with today's technology, there are no such worries. This gem of a game is one of the funnest shooter game I have encountered so far (Cyberia being another great game of this sort). You get to pilot a lot of different futuristic vehicles both in the ground and in the air, and, with great visual detail, you get to blow up whatever you see in front of you. The game never looses the pace - it is upbeat, dynamic and full of action. The game's 3D graphics and animation are far superior to most games of the era, with rich coloring, textures and great animation. Playing with the keyboard is fun enough, but you would do better if you played with a joystick if you have on laying around. This gem is fantastic for all lovers of good action and great graphics clearly help in getting you glued to the screen for hours on end. Fantastic, highly recommended!

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