Interstate '76

Action 1997 Windows Activision Driving Car and action Rally Racing

More than a racing game.A must try

Released in the year of 1997, this game is one of the earliest racing game that follows a very important and interesting plot, and is much more than just about racing cars. Set in the alternate history, the year 1976 is in a middle of an oil crisis. The game focuses on Groove Champion, his partner Taurus, and their mechanic, Skeeter. In this intriguing story, we have elements of death, murder and revenge. As they travel through south-western USA, the trio tries to find out who is recruiting a shady army of autovillains for his purposes, which are not good. What does that have to do with racing, you ask? Well, you drive your car in very interesting episodic missions, that also require a lot of thinking and strategy. This is not just a racing game. It is also an adventure and a mystery game. If you think that's too much, you can always choose the Auto Melee mode, which focuses on death match races with other cars. But that is just the least interesting part. To fully enjoy the game, you'll want to go through the whole captivating story and you will carve it into your memory for years to come. The graphics are very nice and realistic, and you also have the opportunity to see the fantastic and realistic representation of the south-west small American towns and a lot more. This game is truly unique and I urge everyone to play.

Pulp Fiction?

You HAVE to try this game out. Incredible graphics (taking the year in account), and great storyline. Can keep you "busy" for hours. Especially those who like car/racing games. Lots of action. Along the game you can buy/sell car parts, making your car stronger, faster and so on. Not just a racing game, in fact that is not the real meaning of the game... You know the movie Pulp Fiction? This game can get you in something like that... You won't waste your time playing it if you have some time to spare (of course)...

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