Action 1998 Windows Gremlin Interactive Third Person Driving Racing

Start your engines!

Fans of classic racing games like the Micro Machines franchise would be well advised to check out this slick and enjoyable little title, which mixes hi-octane thrills with a good sense of humour. Players take control of a little remote controlled car and engage in a series if races across a variety of interesting tracks. There are 12 cars to experiment with across 16 tracks while you also have a handful of game modes to play with too. On offer here are Time Attack and two Challenge modes, with the former pitting you against yourself in a bid to beat your own times. The latter two do pretty much what their names suggest and provide some cool racing tests to hone your driving skills. The game plays out in semi-open world style, with the player exploring a hub world to select challenges and races. The races play out as you'd expect, across a series of increasingly whacky and unusual courses which provide plenty of ups and downs to enjoy. There is also a powerup system here, with a series of colored banners dotted around each course. Collecting them in a specific order opens up things like speed boosts, the ability to fly or to freeze your opponents, and this makes for an innovative approach to the basic gameplay. Buggy really is a cracking little racer that doesn't take itself too seriously but which simply gets on with being fun. The tracks are never less than hugely enjoyable, with all sorts of jumps and wicked corners while the visuals are packed full of detail and move at a fair old lick. If you are looking for a good old-fashioned bit of driving fun, then this should be high on your list.

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