Heaven And Earth

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A good reccomendation for all puzzle game lovers

This game is basically a good combination of three distinct puzzles which have their own style and variety. First you have the original puzzle card game and then the arcades style called the pendulum and then you have the collection of some very intruding puzzles called the illusions. All these games can be separately played as standalone which makes the gamely unique and diverse. The graphics in it are decent enough and the interface is very supportive for a competitive gameplay. They have made the A1 very competitive which means that you will really need to get involved in the game. Apart from the stand alone games, there is an option for tournament known as Pilgrim which will feature the most complex and challenging three puzzles that have been collected from all the three types. This means that the tournament mode is the most challenging one but even if you consider the card game, it is good enough to keep you glued to your armchair. Classic puzzles games do not have much of an attractive graphics but it's the gameplay like this one which makes them a good recommendation.

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