Pref Club

Puzzle 1991 Dos Dosbox IBS Board games Cards

Early yet casino atmospheric bridge card game

In Pref Club you get a very interesting mix of elements, from the large number of AI opponents to the music, truly simple and yet very uniquely balanced, for a game this old. Thus, while retro, Pref Club has that very cool feel about it, as if you are this high grade player in a select club! Really interesting! Apart from this element of class, if you will, Pref Club also offers a pretty nice roaster of opponents that not only sport different skins and names, but also have a pretty unique set of playing parameters. Quite how it was implemented is not as evident, but they sure do play different, and not only in terms of knowhow, but also style of play, from defensive to offensive, to, ability to make...calculated mistakes! Graphically, you won't know that this is as old a game as it actually is; while it was made in 91 the playing field is a palatable green shade, while the cards are very readable. No 3D gimmickry insures that the game looks smooth and simple, and also detailed enough to be easily readable, which is all that is needed, from such a game. So, if you want a professional yet classy Bridge sim this sure can be the one.

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