Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Impulse Software Brainteaser Strategic scope

Pellet collecting puzzle, puzzling around color recognition!

Tubes is a minigame where your main occupation will be that of arranging multicolored pellets into clusters of at least 3 in a row. You do this indirectly by arranging the tubes through which the pellets travel in such as a manner as to allow the pellets or fall on top of, hopefully, the same colored pellets. This also will take a bit of strategy for long term, as, as is the case with games such as Jewel Quest, you are not always given the pellets/gems that you want/need. Therefore, storing and arranging them intelligently, so as to have as many option free at any one time will become your higher level requirement. So, yeah, this can be a chill puzzle game, the kind that can fill an afternoon or just a few minutes when you take a break. Graphically it's a clean game, with an unencumbered esthetic, with no extra elements except the ones that make up the interface and the ones that make up the game elements themselves, pellets and see through tubes. A nice addition to ones pellet or jewel based/tile arranging kind of games.

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