Nano Tank

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Solve puzzles in a nano virtual world of tanks!

Nano Tank is a puzzler in which you control a small tank while also changing up the environment in which you move. Much like the Incredible Machine series, you are tasked with finding ways to arrange and rearrange each level and the contraptions that are at your disposal in each one, so that, by the end of each level you manage to get your tank from point A to point B safely. With each new level you get increasingly difficult challenges that will test your special awareness, but will also test your creativity. Some of the solutions might not be as straightforward, especially later on, when the contraptions that you can produce are by no means as simple as in the beginning. The main criticism that I would bring to the game is the lack of diversity though: after a few levels it becomes clear that the types of puzzles to solve can only be so diverse, and so, unfortunately this won't be a very long lived game. But, for the duration of a play through you get enough challenge to keep you going. So, yes, this is a weird little game, one that is not too original but one which nevertheless tries its hand at physics based puzzles in a very interesting manner.

Nanotank rules!

If you enjoy puzzle games you won't be disappointed by downloading Nano Tank! There are more than 50 levels, each providing mental challenges. Though there is no tutorial there is an help file available with the download. Each of the electronic elements act in a different way making the solutions range from easy to challenging. The graphics are a little dated but that's not main issue. This game was developed back in the days when playability and cleverness was more important than eye candy.

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