Uncle Henry's Playhouse

Puzzle 1996 Windows Funsoft Brainteaser Strategic scope

Fine collection of puzzles taken from classic adventures

While this game's title might suggest a kids game in the style of the Freddi Fish series or Someone's in the Kitchen, it's actually a strange sort of compilation which throws together all of the mini-games and puzzles from three classic adventure titles, The 7th Guest, The 11th Hour and Clandestiny. There are some twelve puzzles chosen from the various titles and which provide a pick of the best head-scratchers, so if you're in the mood for a bit of brain teasing fun, then this is a decent investment of your time. It is a bit odd that the puzzles are taken completely out of context, with none of the complex storylines present in the real games and really this is more of an advert for them rather than a proper game in its own right. In this respect, it should be pretty successful as the package does impress players if they've never experienced the originals before. The visuals are haunting, detailed and wonderfully atmospheric and the music is equally beautiful while also managing to be creepy at the same time. The lack of a storyline does make the puzzles slightly more challenging than they would be in their proper context as the plot-related hints are obviously absent, but the package does give you a good flavour of what to expect from checking out the other games. If you just want to pick and play a few puzzles when you only have a little time to spare, and don't want to get sucked into an epic quest, this is the perfect solution, given the variety of styles on display. However, those looking for a bit more would be advised to check out the originals.

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