ABC Wide World of Sports Boxing

Sport 1991 Dos Data East Fighting Tournaments

A great boxing game with fine graphics

The game has a great repute when it comes to boxing games because it gives you a wide variety of exciting options to play with. Off course the game play involves some serious boxing for which you will have to customize your player. By customization I mean that they have given you the option of devising your own player by selecting the trunks, body, the fighting style and even the hair color. In the start, you will be given some fix skill points through which you will select the punching stamina, cuts, strengths and conditioning of the player. You will have trainers and promoters in your team. You will be able to buy better promoters and trainers through wining different bouts. The money that you can make from a fight will depend on the ranking of the opponent that your promoter chooses. However you have the discretion of not to fight with the opponent that your promoter choses. So your target is to fight and till you become the world champion and this will require you to select the right options at the right time. The graphics and the motions of the game are superb as you will see every cut and move flowing swiftly on the screen. A good Alternative to this game if you want to stick to boxing is the Simulmondo's 1992 3D World Boxing which supports realistic boxing features.

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