Knudde World Sports Tournament Remix

Sport 1998 Windows Euphoria Multimedia Productions Humorous Tournaments World competition

An animated series turned into Olympic minigames

I wasn't really exposed to the animated Knudde series, but I was aware of it. So, I guess those that grew up with it and grew attached to it will see this game in a slightly different light. For me however it was a bit disappointing. The production value is quite low. Most of the Olympic minigame events take place in static backdrops with the Knudds themselves being poorly animated. This isn't helped by the fact that the animations don't seem to belong with those backgrounds, stylistically, so, all in all, leaving aside the sad Knudds expressions, leaves us (or me at least!) with a sad little bundle of not that great minigames. So, you'll get spear throwing, 100 meter dash, disk throwing and a few other competitions. All controlled rather simply, but as I said the animations are quite crude, and leave you thinking that the controls are broken. Even if not that great either, I'd much rather go old oldschool (!) and immerse myself in a bit of California Games, at least the tone of the game is much lighter and more energizing overall.

What so called strange sports...

Knudde World Sports Tournament is a game where it's hard to comment on, that's why this review will be short. The game mostly consists of olympic game events, like javelin throwing. The controls are half bad and it reminds of Track & Field. The game features some humor, but I haven't it funny at all. An Asterix and Obelix game had a similar theme, but at least there mostly everything was better. The copy I own is in german, so practically I cannot anything about the other features of the game. The graphics are okay and cartoonish and I love some the funny expressions on some of the characters. All in all, if you wish to play an olympic game while the one in London still lasts, consider looking for something else.

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