Simulation 1989 Dos subLOGIC Flight Futuristic

An early days action game with flight at its core

UFO is an action/shooter game, with a pretty large portion taking place in mid air. Graphically it's reminiscent of the early days of shifting towards the 3D games; it plays kind of slows, but, if you play it through a DosBox emulator you can pretty much get it to run a little faster. In terms of missions, it has both high altitude levels as well as some levels where you play lower to the ground. The missions include dog fights as well as missions that ask you to rescue areas or to protect them. All in all, it's relatively diverse, but given its size, it pretty much has a whole load of material to go through. A cool thing about the game is that it also gives you a large array of cool weapons, weapons that are futuristic but also inspired by the weapons used in the WWII era. Also, your enemies, ships, for instance have different areas, damage wise. Shooting at the hull of a ship, in the back side might end up in an explosion, while shooting in some other areas might have some other kind of result; so, all in all, it's a pretty cool game, it has loads of different gimmicks and different ways of getting you into the action. Yes, it has UFOs too, but these are rare apparitions, as the main game is mostly about classic shooting and flying missions. A good alternative download can be Inferno, a flight and shoot game that is a lot more Sci Fi ish and more direct

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