Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Novell Flight Futuristic Shooter

Space shooter meant to advertise for NetWare`s network solutions

When the world wide web was not as common place as it has become today, there were lots of ploys from many companies to make it what it is today. One such idea was that bundling a game with the software bundle and the hardware would make these boxed net on the go solutions more interesting. Well, that may have been so or not, we're here to look at a game that was nothing more than an addition to Netware's bundles of connectivity applications and software. So here is why you will want to play this game. Well, today only the single player missions are available. And I can thoroughly say that they are at least okay. Because, the game gets the basics very nicely: you can control your ship in terms of speed as well as direction, which adds to the immersion and control feeling. Yeah, sure, at times acceleration or deceleration are not that useful, so you'll probably won't fiddle with em as much, but they're not as common so I guess they're nice. Remember though, this is a space shooter and that translates to two main things: the background is almost always black and the enemies are quite nondescript, though if you qualified them as boring that would still be a viable description.

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