Rules of Engagement 2

Simulation 1993 Dos Omnitrend Software Flight Space combat Futuristic

Starship based strategy with a meaty tactics portion

Oldschool 4X is the name of this game: you get the exploration bit, you get to mingle with regard to tactics, economics and other management bits. The game makes you the sole supervisor of this starship, which, as you'll find out requires maintenance on all sort of levels. Not only that, but you are also responsible for the relationships you have with the other starships you encounter. And by relationship, I mean making sure you defeat them (or, at least most of them). The loot you can use yourself or sell and as the game progresses you need to keep on going on. You have to mind your missiles, your other type of fire, and generally you have to get all sort of other things done. Usually Rules of Engagement 2 is an engaging mini 4X, with a nice oldschool graphic presentation. Nothing too fancy, but workable. You will require some getting used to it, especially if you expect more of an Elite type of game, which RuE2 is not. But, if you think Elite from an arcade point of view, you'll be closer to the experience this game will offer you.

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