Galactic Empire

Simulation 1990 Dos Dosbox Coktel Vision Flight Futuristic

Thrilling space flight action

It is futuristic space flight simulation game which involves a lot of action and space adventure. The plot in the game is that you are on your quest to conquer the space cliché for which you will move from ne planet to another fighting enemies and engaging in different battles. The space world that has been drafted in the game features a lot of details in terms of the variety of the things that have been given and the broadness of the level designs. You will always counter something new at every level or planet and this makes the gameplay very interesting and fun. The spacecraft that you have features some very destructive weapons which can be customized as you progress in levels in the game. The best thing in the game is that the controls are really smooth and responsive and they allow you to do instant action. The animations and the VGA graphics render you with a lot of details and the user interface is very simple and interactive. The music is not good at all but I am sure you can live with that. Overall it is a fine simulation that has all the ingredients of being addictive. If you really like space flight simulations, then you will love UFO.

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