Hi Octane

Racing 1995 Dos Dosbox Bullfrog Arcade style Unconventional

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Race to the limit and beyond!

Bullfrog was mostly known for its simulators and for its adventure games, but they tried their luck at racing games as well. Naturally, the results weren't as groovy as with their more toiled upon genres, but nonetheless they did a pretty decent job with Hi Octane. That is because they got their inspiration from the right places, places like the Destruction Derby series or the Death Track racer. At any rate, what you can expect is a bit of mayhem (and by a bit I mean quite a lot!) but also a racer that asks you to pay attention to the road ahead, to actually make sure you know what you are doing and where you are heading. There are tracks that may make you feel that this is a rally games, there are tracks that turn the game towards high speed circuit type games, but none of these is the actual home of the game; nope this one does a good job in every instance. And a job as arcade as you'd want it, without going overboard and simplifying it to the extremes. Naturally, arcade racing fans will have no reasons not to love it, and to them I highly recommend the game.

Brilliant destructive car racing

It is one of those racings games where you are not just limited to do a simple track racing as gives you a variety of crazy features which makes your racing experience a true blast. The crazy part in the game is that you can either do your simple racing stuff or can blast off your opponents in the track to make it a destructive racing experience. Six vehicles which are very much like hovercrafts have been formulated for the users and they are quite distinct in terms of the stats that they have. So you can choose according to the stats which include their armor, their top speed, their weight and the firepower. Machine guns and missile launchers are the weapons that you can use to invite destruction on the racing the track. So the theme or the plot is really appealing to hardcore gaming action lovers and I am surely one of those. To give you an idea about the crazy racing that it has, just consider the fact that is very much close to the brilliant and crazy car racing game known as Carmageddon. The gameplay is also good as you have power ups and fueling stations on the course. The graphics in the game are also very attractive and really enable you to feel the destructive thrill of crazy on track action.

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