Ultimate NFL Coaches Club Football

Sport 1994 Dos Microprose Football

Great football action! lots of variety

It is a classic football game which gives you the most diverse range of gaming options. You will first make a selection of your team from the many national teams that are there. The number of options is what makes the gameplay diverse and very exciting. You can set the range of the skills of your players. You can set the dynamics of the football field such as outdoor grass, domed or artificial glass. The camera angle of the play can be adjusted and all the angles have been incorporated well to the gameplay. The timing of the matches such as day time, evening time or night time can be set and the duration of the match or the quarters can also be modified. Similarly you can mold the weather conditions such as rain, clear skies and snowfall and can also adjust the wind speeds which impact the movement of the ball in the air. Almost all the options in the game have been well executed which adds great variety to the gameplay and makes it really fun playing. The graphics in the game are also top notch and the controls work very well in every situation. The game is a top recommendation for soccer lovers. NFL Quarterback Club 96 is an equally good game.

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