Tom Landry Strategy Football

Sport 1993 Dos Merit Studios Football Team management

NFL sim that is extra detailed simulation wise

Tom Landry Strategy Football is a game simulation a real time American football game, with a high consideration for a large host of details. In a way the game feels like a ported managerial game on top of a 2D real time action oriented game. However, for all its level of sophistication when it comes to managing the team and the game, as well as the different portions of the game that have been included in this sim, the sheer joy of a match is a bit diminished. You will be lost in a lot of options, some of which will not become apparent until very late in the game, and you'll also be lost in an unfortunately oblique control scheme. I find it very hard to recommend this game, on one hand because it is dated graphically but also because it doesn't manage a good balance of playability vs simulation. Maybe, when it came out all these features could have amounted to a good PR campaign, but not anymore. Today there are far more streamlined American Football games that don't try to pack more than is enough, and don't try to overwhelm with details that are insignificant. So, rather, go for an updated, modern version of the game because this one is too much trouble to learn to play, and not fun enough to be worth the time investment.

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