Unnecessary Roughness

Sport 1993 Dos Dosbox Accolade Football

American football sim, very nice graphically

As a developer in the 90s you took a risk by creating a game that was too demanding graphically, as well as taking a risk if you created games that couldn't really compete with the graphically superior titles. A good solution would have been to allow these games to scale granularly as much as possible, from the very lowest of graphical settings to higher level settings. At any rate, while this game was a head of its time when it first came out, it did not manage to create a very large niche of players around it. Nope, it was a bit too demanding for most and thus it was forgotten. But, for us, with a modern machine and a DosBox installed on top of it, all of those issues no longer have to bother us. And, if you install this game you'll find it to be a very modern iteration of a 2D soccer game, with cool camera angles work, with an Ai that does a great job and overall impressive polish throughout. Yes, later NFL games will be much more playable throughout, but this one is pretty impressive as well, and pretty playable. So give it a try!

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