M.A.X.: Mechanized Assault and Exploration

Strategy 1996 Dos Interplay Real time Action

Little-known gem

Very much in the style of classic RTS games such as Dune 2, KKND and Command & Conquer, this is an enjoyable little game which doesn't score many points for being original, but does get a few for simply being well done. It's got a wide range of units, some interesting missions and solid AI, and has the ability to be played in real-time or as a turn-based strategy game, akin to Battle Isle. The basic goal of the game is to colonize planets, and this involves exploring them, taking control of their resources and of course, blowing up anyone who tries to take them away. You have a wide range of units, air, land and sea, to make use of in your endeavors, which can be upgraded to improve their abilities, and which give the game some very interesting tactical possibilities. You also have eight different factions to choose from, each with their own detailed backstories, and which offer even more variety, and you can play through an extensive campaign or make up your own custom missions. MAX is actually one of the better RTS games out there, but one which has probably passed a lot of gamers by. This may be due to its rather unappealing visuals, which are pretty bland and lacking in detail, but if you look harder, you'll find a deep, complex and very rewarding experience. This is one game which really requires some serious tactical thought if you're going to win, with the range of units and factions adding in even more. If you add in the clear and intuitive interface you have a fine bit of old-school strategy fun.

Good real time strategy game

It is a real time strategy game which has a unique touch to it in terms of ordering the units and in terms of managing the base. The weaknesses and the abilities of the units are quite diverse and add great depth to the gameplay. All the players in the game can have the same buildings and the units but they have their differing stats due to the difference in the clan. Depending on the preferences, you can build units, defense turrets, spy units, water or land and so on. The ability to upgrade and customize the buildings and the units has also been incorporated in the game and these features really make the gameplay move to a whole new level. So in terms of strategy and the gameplay, the game has a very broad spectrum. Now if we consider the graphics, the variety of the color combination coupled with some very good animation and textures make it a very attractive game. The AI has been made very competitive to give you a tough time and to make the game interesting even if you play it alone. Overall the game has a good variety of some great elements like seen in Reunion.

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