Unnecessary Roughness '96

Sport 1995 Windows Accolade Football Team management

Good soccer management with fine action

It is soccer game where the basic focus is not on playing soccer but on the management of the team and it's coaching to make you a good manager in the industry of world soccer. The game belongs to the very extensive series and has the tag of being the very best in it. Starting with the management aspect on the game, you can buy teams, set their salaries, train the players and make them participate in different leagues and matches. The game also gives you a database to store the statistics of players and an editor has also been added for customization of a good variety of features which makes the game even more interesting and full of replay value. The gaming engine is very good and the A1 is competitive to always keep you in the chase of making it big. The game has a good number of teams and leagues and the play modes are also numerous so that you can have a different game plan for every other mode. This review is just an idea as the game has a very good range of management features which you will really love. The graphics are also very prolific for a good sports action. Its predecessor Unnecessary Roughness was also a very good game but this one is many steps ahead.

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