Micro League Football 2

Sport 1993 Dos Dosbox Micro League Football

An exercise in balanced American football action!

Really well done this game, really well produced. Micro League Football 2 is the kind of top down, 2D American football gem that you will really fall in love with And that is so because it is very well produced, very well done from so many points of view, from the animations, to the design of the behavior of the players to many other minutiae of gameplay. Thus, it is an utter joy to play it, if you love simple to control and yet engaging, both action wise as well as tactics wise 8 bit football sims. Sure enough, it never managed to be extra successful, mainly because it wasn't backed by no major league or anything of that sort. However, in and on itself, it is well produced, well organized and also, pretty joyful to play, from start to finish. So, when all is said and done, this one will offer you a great few hours of play, if not more, depending on your love of the genre. With VGA graphics, and running under DosBox, this sure is a game that knows what's up, and so, definitely worth playing! or, alternatively, see the mainstream games of the era, if you care for that kind of a thing.

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