Unreal Gold

Action 1999 Windows Infogrames First Person Shooter Fpp Sci fi

The definitive version of the seminal first person game

Unreal can be said to be one of those staples of gaming in general and of first person shooters in particular, the kind of game that knew how to be original as well as to build on top of the lessons learned from Doom and that school of thought (sorry, school of... gameplay and world design!). Unreal is both a game that used to be considered a multiplayer staple, but, what few people remember is that it had an enticing single player campaign as well. This made it furthermore valuable in the pantheon of first person shooters, because it's wide spread and the content that it had were really very good. Also, this Gold version is more fun to play as it contains lots of fixes, bugs and otherwise, plus a whole lot of additional content. So, when all is said and done, even today in 2014, those that love FPSes of the Half Life and Doom kind, will find this highly enjoyable. There are a lot of ways to enjoy it, as a pure bred shooter or even as a commentary on religion and some other trends and ideas that the game is ripe with. But, all things considered, Unreal Gold is without a question a game that is worth sinking into.

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