V-Rally 2: Expert Edition

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So enjoyable and fun rally game

At times rally games manage to mess up the experience with the little things; it can be a balancing problem, it can be a physics implementation that is lacking, at times it can be just a slight delay between pressing your keys and the actual on screen result. Fortunately, V-Rally 2: Expert Edition manages to avoid all of these caveats, and it creates such a quality experience that you'll really keep this one on your hard drive for long. The cars behave wonderfully; they are responsive, they behave realistically but not to the point where you're always derailing or losing control. Still, to manage to keep your control at high speeds, you will need to make sure that you use the break properly, that you veer ahead of the curve, and well, you'll always feel that you're at the edge of your seat, concentrated on the game. But the controls are so well calibrated, so responsive and the game responds so nice to your inputs that you'll be hard pressed not to find it a quality offering. Graphically, V-Rally 2: Expert Edition is also well tailored, with that kind of clean tracks that inspire you and that look so fun rushing towards you. It's as modern as games could be, without abusing the catchy but ultimately shallow particle effects, that, for me at least, just paint a spray of unnecessary fluff on the screen, that just tires me. Play it, in the V Rally series it's one of the best.

If you like rally games, try this out!

There are some good rally games out there, like the Colin McRae Rally series, but there is one game that makes rally races exciting from start to finish. V-Rally 2: Expert Edition has brought the fun factor sky high. I have never seen such a fun rally game since I have started playing video games. The offers a huge variety of tracks(80 in total), a great variety of cars(26 in total). For some reason, the PlayStation version released in North America is known as Need For Speed: V-Rally 2, which doesn't make any sense at all. Anyway, the gameplay here is a ton of fun, driving is smooth and the tracks design are quite nice. There's even a mode where you can design your own track. But what this game awesome is the soundtrack. It's got to be of one the best chosen songs for a racing game. The graphics and attention to detail are all nicely done. Overall, V-Rally 2 is one rally game that make your blood boil and will definitely not let you go. It's that good!

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