V-Rally 3

Racing 2002 Windows Infogrames Rally Driving

3rd VRally, better graphics!

While it offers a decent amount of rallying thrills, this third entry in the V-Rally series has a bit too much competition to make it of much interest to anyone by the most diehard of rally fans. Games like the Colin McRae series, Screamer Rally or Sega Rally do the job just as well, and offer more variety than you get here, making them the go to choices for most gamers' racing needs. The game follows the template laid down by others of the genre, and gives players a selection of the usual options, with several different racing modes, cars and drivers to choose from. Most of your time will spent in the full rally which sees you racing across several different continents in full-blown competition with your rivals, but you also have a Time Attack and Challenge mode for some extra replay value. You've got eighty drivers to choose from, including some real ones, as well as twenty cars and over forty tracks, a few customization options and several environment effects to make your job harder. V-Rally 3 is certainly not a bad game, and provides a lot of rallying thrills for the armchair enthusiast. There's a good range of tracks, drivers and cars to try out, while the visuals zip along at a good old pace and recreate the excitement of the real sport quite nicely. The off-track aspects fare less well however, while the sound isn't up to much and the physics engine could have done with a little extra work to bring it up to par with other similar games. It is a challenging game however, so if you've exhausted the competition, this is still worth a look.

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