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Hit the gas!

The V-Rally series is a spin-off from the massively popular Need For Speed franchise, and gives racing fans the chance to try out some Screamer Rally-style tracks, but unfortunately proves to be less than exciting stuff. It's just a bit too simple and arcadey for its own good, and also suffers from looking very dated, while the thrills are just not present. The game gives you the usual array of options, including a handful of different modes to try out and the standard lineup of rally cars to get to grips with, and then sends you out on a variety of off-road courses. Your goal as ever is simply to be first across the line in order to rack up enough points to prove victorious at the end of the championship, while the courses range from jungles, to desert and so on and each have their own distinct weather conditions too, which add further to your woes. That's about it to be honest in terms of features, and while a lack of originality or innovation in racing games is to be expected, here it just results in a very bland experience which is almost entirely lacking in personality and charm. The visuals might have been decent back in the day but haven't aged too well, with a distinct lack of detail in the backgrounds, and there isn't too much to keep your eyes attracted. There's also not a great sense of speed, while the tracks just aren't overly exciting to race around, and again just come across as bland and poorly thought out. Ultimately, this isn't terrible, it's just not as thrilling as a good racer needs to be, so it's best avoided.

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