Legend of Faerghail

RPG 1990 Dos Electronic Design Hannover Fantasy First person

A classic RPG - nothing more, nothing less

Legend of Farghail is a very old and very advanced RPG game (like Eye of the Beholder and Dragon Wars)that can be compared to many newer RPG's in the amount of options, monsters, weapons and NPC's with whom the player can interact. As in most RPG's, you start the game by selecting your character's race and class. Characters have typical statistics, such as wisdom, strength and constitution, they have hit points and skills, something Dungeons and Dragons players should be very familiar with. After that, you embark on various quests and improve your stats by leveling up. The game offers a lot of typical features of a fantasy game, such as monsters, dungeons and spells. It's played from a first person perspective, giving you a sense of reality. The art in the graphics is very nice, and would be even better if the images were a bit clearer, but unfortunately they are pretty blurry and blocked when viewed from up close. Although the game brings nothing significant to the fantasy RPG franchise, still interesting gameplay and sense of adventure make this game on of the most favorite in many player's game list. Recommended!

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