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A role playing game with armies of mutants

Legend, also known as The Four Crystals of Trazere is a role playing adventure game, consisting of two main portions: one that is subterranean, similar to other dungeon crawlers, in which you won't be fighting a lot of enemies, but instead you will focus on the underground, first person exploration of the underground world, and a second portion, which is much more epic in terms of the encounters you will have. This second portion will allow you to battle much larger armies of mutant monsters. You have a map which is best used to avoid ambushes, as you and your party cannot really take on very large numbers of enemies at once. Other than that, the game resembles and makes use of the many ideas that first person role playing games of its kind have been using for years past, mainly the Golden Box rule set, both for world creation as well as the world interactions. As an additional feature which you're less likely to find in other role playing games of this kind, you also get a spell customization engine, so you can create your very own spells by combining already existing ones. A fun, classic RPG from all points of view. A similar game, worth the download is also Legend of Faerghail, maybe easier on newbies of this style of role playing game.

Adventure RPG strategic game with a good fun element

It is a fun RPG game which gives you a great variety of traditional and classic RPG elements combined with innovation like real or quick time play. Here you will see the opponent parties marching, the course of night and day, and some very exciting and fun strategic options which make this game a good recall of the famous Doomdark's Revenge. When you move towards the dungeons, you will get a prolific and a neat isometric view which is one of the prime features of this game. The AutoMap which is given in the game is also excellent and gives you in depth details of things. When it comes to the spell casting system in this game, it is yet another feather to its cap because you will experience an excellent interface. You have to make a good mix of ingredients keeping in view some other factors and then the spell will function properly. One character has been given in each class which balances the game quite well. It is a great epic quest with well-defined graphics and wide stream of options which give you elements such as fun, thrill, fantasy and excitement.

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