Legend of Djel

RPG 1989 Dos Dosbox Coktel Vision Fantasy

A strange and virtually unknown adventure

It's always a shame when a game is botched on a platform without the minimalist of support from the manufacturer. This is unfortunately what happened to Legend of Djel, a game that, while mainly point and click adventure in its gist, doesn't support a mouse on the PC. So, really how are you to ever come to appreciate it, if the developer doesn't care enough to provide the minimal tools to aid you in controlling the game. Well, what you do is, you use the keyboard, in a point and click adventure game. Imagine how fine that is. If you can manage this and not skip this game the moment you've stumbled across it, you will be party to a few interesting surprises. The game has a very cool and intricate mechanics at time, involving some strategy and some time dependent puzzles. Another letdown is the story which is plain boring, nothing more than a backbone to the adventures themselves. You have to prove, as a wizard (Djel) that you can provide protection to the people of the realm in a sense much like in the Simon, the Sorcerer games. So, the story is there just to keep you skipping from one puzzle to the next. Overall the game is just boring, in spite of the fact that it's sprinkled with minigames and that it attempts a modicum of originality.

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