Vegas Casino 2

Simulation 1989 Dos Mastertronic Casino

Well done casino game bundle; worth it

Vegas Casino, the first game in the series was once billed as the ultimate gambling compendium program, most probably because the advertising people wanted to elicit a few more sales, with some smart words! Not that the game wasn't good; it sure was, but definitely no revolution. And so is Vegas Casino 2, a well done casino game, yet no ultimate revelation. You can play classic casino games, craps, roulette, black jack, have a go at a few slot machines and also try to see how your luck fares with poker. Graphically, Vegas Casino 2 is an alright EGA graphics game, which means that you won't find it a revolution, at this level either, but, with carefully realized, cards, slots, tables and other graphical elements, it will surely give you a spin for your time with it, given that you like casino games with an oldie look to them. The goal, of course is to win as much as you can, an aiding in that, all the games' winnings are all gathered in a common pool, so you can enjoy your digital winnings altogether. So, is it an alright EGA DOS game, and if that's your cup of tea, sure, have it downloaded.

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