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There are those games that were quite popular in the 80s and the 90s, games that were to be found in special shops, casinos and even in some other areas, not necessarily specific to those. They were video poker, or video 21 game machines, which, this game tries to emulate, with all their buttons and noises and all the other cool ideas that they had. But, nonetheless, Video Casino is a cool, well produced game, pretty interesting in that it offered you a pretty interesting version of the card game, with the plus of color, blinking lights and all other cool ideas that such games had to deal with. At any rate, for gambling games they were pretty cool, pretty well produced and also, they had a pretty well done set of graphics and sounds. And Video Casino is a sweet, if a little underwhelming, graphically, version of this game. It's all good, though, because Video Casino offers you poker, black jack and a few others, in a well suiting shell, that has the atmosphere you'd expect from them. Alternatively, download Bicycle Casino, a more diverse bundle of card and other casino games.

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