Video Strip Poker Classic

Adult 2007 Windows Torquemada Games Strip Poker

New features and higher quality nudity videos

Video Strip Poker Classic is a 2007 card game for adults, that comes with new features and most important, with new sexy ladies that will tickle all the men's fancy. Meet Amanda, Cora, Ginger, Naomi, Sabina and Tamara! The gameplay contains almost everything you would expect from a strip poker game, so, this fact will definitely raise your interest into playing it day and night. You will enjoy the large amount of nudity, and the videos that present real women. The game offers the best setting when it comes to poker: money and girls eager to put off their clothes! Dare to challenge them, in order to see who is able to remain with more clothes on them! The cuties will bet, fold, call, smile when they win, and they act seductively in order to distract you and incite your imagination. When they lose, they will start to undress and remove one piece of clothing at a time. You will like the ease of playing, and the fact that you will improve your skills and adopted tactics. This fact will lead you to massive winning, and mostly, to undress the girls completely without spending too much effort. The high-quality videos maintain a very good reputation of this game. You will love the competition in this game, due to your pretty opponents! So, play this game if you want to stare lustfully at breathtaking ladies!

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