War Inc

Strategy 1997 Windows Dosbox Interactive Magic Real time Business

A decent RTS game

War Inc. is a pretty interesting real time strategy game that combines war elements with business and economics management. In this game, the business at hand is the mercenary industry. You wait for a contract, assign a team of mercs to do the job, then handle the job at the best of your abilities. The game is set up into two modes or games. First, you have to research technologies, mine resources, and custom design your units, and this is where the game really shines. The combinations and the designs are virtually endless in terms of imagination and creativity. Once that is arranged, you get a contract and go to do your job. That part is also very interesting, all played out in real time. The job gives you money, and you can use that money into investing or further design and research, you can choose what to do. The game's interface is pretty good and not very complicated to understand. The game goes smoothly most of the way, but unfortunately it is tortured by bugs that can disturb your peaceful gaming, but not too much so, thankfully. The graphics are pretty standard for this kind of game, with brown and other dark colors dominating the field. The audio is also pretty decent, with nice sound effects that increase your enjoyment of the game. While not the best game out there, it is still a nice and fun real time strategy game that will make lovers of games like Syndicate like this game a lot. Recommended.

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