Led Wars

Strategy 1997 Windows ionos Real time

Fun RTS, not original though

LED Wars is a real-time strategy videogame released in 1997 by IONOS. The plot of the game goes like this: you assume the role of a corporation's leader and your job is to secure LED(short for liquid evolution drugs), on which the fate of humanity is depending on. There are no rules of you obtain it: either you secure it or take it from your enemies after you destroyed them. This is clearly inspired to Dune 2, where the plot is almost identical, even the gameplay is almost the same. You build troops, secure any LED you find and destroy your competition. You go through 14 missions in the campaign mode where you need to complete a given set of objectives. Even though LED Wars is a rip-off, it's a pretty fun game, but cannot be considered more than an above average game. The graphics are quite colorful, however there are some graphical glitches, even on the minimap and the sound doesn't seem to be working. Maybe it's due to the face that I have been playing the game on a modern computer. Overall, LED Wars is not a terrible game, but it's neither original. If you're into strategy games, you might want to check this game out.

The economy system is unique

One of the best strategy games ever made. The AI is complex, and the economy system is quite unique. Every unit is on the count. The plot is well made. The graphics, considering its simplicity fits perfectly with the overall mood of the game. What to say, you have to play it to get it! Definitely a worth playing classic.

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