Sword of Aragon

Strategy 1989 Dos Dosbox SSI Fantasy

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Take up your arms!

This turn-based fantasy strategy game mixes elements of things like King's Bounty, Warlords and King of the Realm to largely decent effect, making it a fine choice if you're into such games. It's got immense amounts of depth and options, and actually does a great job of showing just how good old-school games can be and that you don't need fancy modern visuals to impress. The story starts out with your father, the Duke, being murdered by orcish raiders, so now it's your turn to wear the weight of responsibility. As the new Duke, you'll have to build up your forces, forge your defenses, and play devious games of politics, all while the oncoming hordes of orcs threaten your borders. There are three main parts to the game. The first is a city management section, where you build up your towns, trade, recruit soldiers and so on, while the second is combat and the third exploration and which involves random events to keep you on your toes. Sword of Aragon might not be the best known fantasy title out there, but if you haven't played it, you're missing out on a seriously good game. Don't be put off by the rather bland visuals (although they were pretty decent for the time), and instead focus on the sheer range of things to do here and the depth to every element. The city management section is both absorbing and enjoyable, with plenty to sink your teeth into, while combat is deeply tactical and which requires a lot of thought to win, thanks to the smart AI and variety of units. All in all, this is a classic strategy title which deserves a wider audience.

Turn based strategy with RPG elements

The RPG portion of the game has to do with the possibility to advance your higher level units by garbing them in different, better armors. But, other than that, this game is a prototypical turn based strategy, featuring all the required amenities of the genre. The game takes place in a setting called The Aragonian Empire, and, contrary to what the title may suggest, it bears no link on the Lord of the Rings universe. Outside of the backstory you have to manage resources, manage your armies from an economical and training perspective and also, try to make sure that your field strategies are top notch. For its time, the game has a vicious AI, simple but efficient, who will make sure to exploit your weaknesses.Graphics wise, the game looks its age. The overhead map is not very diverse color wise but it manages to transmit the necessary information that is required, and so you won't ever find yourself wondering what which units are which or whether or not you can traverse a certain area. So, the game offers a good package for its time, and for a lover of fantasy war gaming who doesn't mind an older title, this one might still have some playability left in it.

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