Heroes of the Lance

RPG 1988 Dos Dosbox SSI Dungeons and Dragons Action based

Fantasy side scroller

Set in the Dungeons and Dragons Dragonlance world, this game, along with two others, Dragons of Flame and Shadow Sorcerer, is a part of a cool trilogy that is basically a side scroller with fantasy elements. Heroes of the Lances is about 8 adventurers who are in your control, although you can only control one at a time. Each hero has its own spells and abilities, so you have to think smart about which one will you use for what task (like in Lemmings or The Humans series). It is really refreshing to find fantasy elements in a side scroller adventure, since it is usual to find this theme mostly in RPG games. True RPG fans might be discouraged by the repetitive gameplay, but fantasy fans will absolutely love the game's complexity and cute charm. The graphics are really colorful and very appealing, a bit grainy but mostly clear and detailed and the controls are easy and simple to handle. Overall, a very fun and attractive game.

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