War Times

Action 2004 Windows 1C Company War Strategic scope

An entertaining war background

War Times is a 2004 Real-Time Strategy game whose action takes place in World War II. You can choose from 4 different nations that got involved in those events: Germany, Great Britain, United States and Soviet Union, each with their own strategies and defense techniques. The 32 missions will take you through 2 different campaigns inspired from those historical events: Axis and Allies. The graphical engine and design allows you to view the action from different camera angles and to adjust the zoom degrees as you wish. There are over 80 units and over 70 buildings, that are useful for collecting resources, to equip your teams/armies properly, to train them, and more such activities for a great war progress. I liked the variety that defines the units, having diverse strengths, weaknesses, tactics. Depending on which side you play, you will have everytime a different experience. The Germans are stronger, with their produced tanks. American armies are praising themselves with the most explosive attacks launched from their bomber planes. Britain players are best focusing on a defensive strength, and the USSR promotes a versatile style on the battlefield. War Times doesn't hesitate to mix the specific RTS gameplay, interface, and war entertainment to the background of one of the most popular and difficult endeavours in history.

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