Action 2003 Windows 1C Company War Strategic scope Military FPS

A pure war action

Vietcong is a 2003 first-person shooter game that involves a historical conflict: Vietnam War. The game includes both the singleplayer and multiplayer mode, and your mission is to defend yourself, to survive in the 'Nam jungle, and to know how to collaborate with your fellow soldiers. By far the main reason this game deserves to be praised is the general atmosphere. It is impeccably crafted, from the training missions, to the captivating story and to the massive action itself. The gameplay is full of realism, and the scare and suspense feeling your soldier will experience will be plentiful, due to the fantastic sound and visual effects. The 'Nam jungle will take you through rough times, through fog, swamps, villages, through warm or cold weather conditions. Also, the night will guide your courage. I warn you that this game isn't made for impulsive or for people that tend to act unwisely, because they will endure the bad consequences. A moment of inattention, and you are dead. You can command your team with the aid of a few simple and efficient orders, as long as your mission won't be too complex and difficult. There were moments when I was irritated by their inefficiency during battles, but the AI is still acceptable. For a pure war action, Vietcong is the game for you!

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