Total Annihilation

Strategy 1997 Windows Atari Fantasy Real time

This is a fight to the death of a race

Total Annihilation is a sci fi real time strategy game (much like Warhammer: Dark Omen and it may be interesting to add that it is the first RTS game that features 3D units and terrain, making it revolutionary for the late nineties. The setting of the game is in the far future, where planet colonization is a thing and there are two constantly battling races of mechanical humanoids, with the intent of each to eliminate the other from existence. All the battles are fought on various moons and planets scattered in space. Of course, as in all strategy games, your main concerns is to build sufficient offensive and defensive force, as well as gathering and saving resources. The units are various and all look very good and are also very effective and you have other very useful options and gadgets to use at your disposal, making your job a lot less difficult. Nevertheless, the game is far from easy. You will spend a huge amount just trying to catch up with the action, but you'll be excited and on edge the entire time with just one though - this game is amazing! And truly, it is. The great 3D graphics really add a spark to the already addictive and fun gameplay and when you combine that with the tough AI and lots and lots of option in-game, you will he glad that you decided to get the game. Two thumbs all the way up!

Worth downloading and playing

This is one of the greatest RTS games of all time. Start the game and play the original campaign then find a mod. My recommendation is the Absolute Annihilation mod but there are hundreds if not thousands of mods. If you are feeling adventurous you can even create your own. If you find you like TA also look into Supreme Commander. The bulk of the Cavedog team switched over to the company that makes SC.

Fictional futuristic war

This is a nice real-time strategy game that is based on a futuristic war. You must build and conquer with 2 resources in mind - Metal, with which you build your army, and Energy, To keep your buildings and abilities powered up. There are Single Player campaigns and Skirmishes to keep you occupied, as well as expansions and literally hundreds of Mods to expand the game.

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