Muzzle Velocity

Strategy 1996 Windows ColdFusion Historical World Wars Military

3D action battle game

It's a 3D combat game which features tanks and a fleet of army around them. It features British and German units from VE Day to D-Day and there are tactical battles between twenty to thirty vehicles and hundreds of troops on either side. The exciting gameplay here is in real time but you have the option to pause it any time for the purpose of devising tactics and giving orders. For a great 3D action, you also have the option to switch between almost all of the troops so that you can control them. The tanks have been given quite a realistic and authentic feel and the 3D mode is very exhilarating. You will jump into the vicious all around battle and will target weapons, troops and tanks to spread chaos. You have shells, tracers and many different artifacts to play with and the artillery has quite a good variety of weapons. Devising tactics and customizing the gameplay is quite easy and you can easily give command to any of the troops by zooming in. My verdict for this game is an entertaining 3D battle full of options and variety. Panzer General 2 is among my favorites too and is quite a treat as well.

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