Wargame Construction Set 2: Tanks!

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox SSI Historical

Exactly what the title says!

This is a game production suite, especially designed for those that want to create their own wargaming scenarios, scenarios set in WW (I and II) time frames, that are mainly hinged around tank battles. This is where the pack excels: it includes a lot of prefab models of tanks and it also allows you to customize or create new tanks from scratch. But that's not where the story of this suite ends; nope. It also has quite a few other tools in there, from map creation, with elevations and other elements (elevations are mathematical only, the game creator only can be used to produce or import 2D maps). But, with all its limitations, this can be an alright game creation bundle, maybe a bit too tank-centric, but, then again, for more vanilla games there are other options out there, like, for instance, the AGS creation kit and many more. There are still a few aficionados creating maps for the module and there are also tutorials and readymade campaigns. It can't really be used to create commercial games, but for what it's worth, for tinkering for your own delight, you can't ask for more.

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