Action 1997 Windows ionos Shooter Science Fiction

A classic and diverse action thriller

It is an addictive and simple shareware game which has been set up in an undiscovered quadrant of outer space. The task that you have as a player positioned near some planet is to destroy or eliminate the other players that are randomly dispersed near other planets. The background graphics of this game and new concept of planetary gravity makes the game distinct from others in this genre. The missile that you set loose will counter the gravity effect of any other planet which is near to its motion. This makes the trajectory of the missiles amusing and somewhat complex which I find really entertaining. You have vast artillery of weapons to choose from and a weapon editor which will help you to design your weapons. The other good thing is that 10 players can play this game at a single time and you have different defense strategies to use to your liking. The animations are hilarious, classic and vast spread and the sound effects are very explosive. Parallax zooming and panning enable the player to focus the details of any area of the field so that an effective strategy can be devised. It has gone far beyond the previous similar games like Scorched Earth and many others.

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