Quake 2

Action 1997 Windows Activision Shooter Science Fiction Shooter action

A great game sequel

Quake 2, if you haven't played this game for a few years, pick-it up again and all the nostalgia will come floating back, especially with the weapons such as the grenade launcher. If you played this game on PC it is famous for it's great multiplayer mode over LAN or the internet, with up to 32 players. It is quite a violent game, with high levels of violence throughout the game, however the way people can die throughout the game can be a bit comical, if you are old enough to know the violence is just a game. Quake 3:Arena, is still a cult multiplayer hit on the internet and the game plays much like Unreal Tournament. There are larger levels and more mission based levels than the original Quake. The game designers at "id" stuck with the feel of the first game and built on it to make a better game, which is unfortunately often rare to see in game sequels. The enemy aliens act intelligent in the game, showing good AI programming, which makes the game constantly fun to play.

Quake sequel and not only

Quake 2 was made a year after Quake 1. It is not a direct sequel, however, if you are a fan of action games you will like Quake 2. Also features OpenGL support, as well as 3dfx and just the basic software as well. The gameplay really draws you in and the weapons are awesome, like the BFG10K and railgun. The levels are much larger and open than the previous Quake. So get it now!

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