Warriors of Legend

RPG 1993 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Isometric Fantasy

Flooded with RPG elements

It is yet another RPG game with a theme to save the world and is a quite underrated because it has a very good chunk of features which a classic RPG has. Starting with the plot, you will be playing a party of 4 different adventurers who will be sent on a mission to protect the kingdom from the intention and the activities of evil. Though it is a very typical plot, but the gaming action is quite distinct in the manner that it is not repetitive at all. At every level and scenario, you will find new enemies and items and you also need to use a tactical approach. The combat features in the game are though quite simple but they are truly for the new gamers as they will easily get a grip on the gameplay and will enjoy it thoroughly. It's definitely for the veteran gamers but still it can serve as a good shot. The graphics in the game are simple yet well designed and executed and it is based on a very good gaming engine which makes the action lag free. Overall the game is a great culmination and competes with the likes of Bloodstone which is quite entertaining.

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