Knights of Legend

RPG 1989 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Top down Fantasy

Basic role playing game with a stock fantasy story

Nothing too exciting happens in Knights of Legend: The land of Ashtalarea (wow, that was some fantasy tongue twister!) is on the lookout for a hero, as the evil sorcerer Pildar captured the local duke and another misfit, Seggallion. You, the brave hero must ally with a trusted flock of companions and go on a wild hunt to free these two. From there on, the story is a winding of common cliche, tropes and the common type of shenanigans. The battles, turn based and party based are again nothing special, while simple things as changing an item from a party member to another will be as arcane to perform as you would think. Graphically, again, the game is as straightforward as it could be, if it were to be made up of stock RPG tiles of the era or original ones, you wouldn't know, but you'd definitely feel like you've seen it all before. So, with no little twinkle of excitement, no interesting idea, as well as archaic controls and mechanics, you're much better of without it. Avoid it, unless you're an avid fan of top down RPGs and don't mind overused tropes in your quest stories.

C-64 game legend

I remember this game on my old C-64. It was awesome!!! The only problem was time. It took time to get your party to the mission site and time to complete the mission, all the while you could get attacked on the way there or back. Plan at least two hours per quest. Ancient yes, byt well worth playing even today.

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