Wayne Gretzky Hockey 2

Sport 1991 Dos Bethesda Softworks Hockey

Prolific hockey simulation with variety

This hockey simulation sports game has taken this genre to a higher level of innovation, thrill and options. The option for players have also been increased and you can easily customize their abilities and traits. The computer players or the opponents are very tough and they will force you to be really involved in the action. The number of teams and the selection of the players has been made diverse by introducing new teams and some really exciting players. The rules of the game has been kept quite realistic. You can now even get to coach the players apart from playing on field. Wayne Gretzky Hockey which is the original version of this game is far behind in terms of the options that this one has. Coming to the graphics, they are far more superior to the previous version and support some really good music. The gameplay is quite alluring and addicting and sets the pulse to speed up. The only problem with the game is that it does not run on all the systems. So for those who have loved the previous version, they will go crazy with this one and will surely rate it even hire.

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