Wayne Gretzky Hockey

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Beth Soft and the hokey sim genre!

If you love The Elder Scrolls series then you will also fall in love with this one...maybe! It's not a hockey themed RPG, where you're looking for the 5 shards of the hockey puck of total extermination, instead it's a top down, early looking, totally tactical hockey sim, quite palatable actually, like a drop of moonsugar under a bleak Tamriel nigh sky! Alright, I'll cut the bull (hehe!) and say that, while totally playable, Wayne Gretzky Hockey is by no means an exquisite production, it's got life in it, maybe, for a few games, but then it kind of gets old. It's well done, granted, and I'd argue that is even more engaging at times than some of these modern hockey games, that seem to play almost automatically, you know! But, then again, it's very tedious to control, unfortunately, and, even in spite of the great tactical play additions, it can't be the game you always go to when feeling like hockey on ice gaming. Still, within the series it's a game that starts well, but titles such as Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-Stars are much more interesting to experience and much more intense from all points of view.

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