Eishockey Manager

Sport 1993 Dos Dosbox Software 2000 Hockey Team management

Decent hockey management game

Within the game you will be tasked with carrying your team to the top of the charts in as few seasons as possible. The game feels very much the same as more well known soccer simulators: you can scout for new players, buy or sell them, prepare them before a fight and give them indications during each match. There is also a goal meeting section, which, if found, will allow you to gain access to perks for certain players, influencing the game more directly in certain situations. The profitability of your team is also very important, so settling endorsements for all sort of products, fictional in the game, will need to be considered, but don't forget” nobody wants to have their products advertised by losing teams, so make sure to time your endorsement deals when you're on a winning streak. The game looks ok graphically, can be controlled with a mouse which is an extra for its period, and so, if you want a good old fashioned hockey manager from the DOS era, this one will surely do the trick.

Manage a hockey team

Eishockey Manager is a spinoff manager game of hockey developed and published by Software 2000. Many consider this game to be very familiar with games such as Bundesliga Manager (for soccer managment) in terms of how you play the game, but in my opinion, many of the team management games, no matter of what sport, the principal is the same: you play as the team's manager and you're task is to make the team better and earn profits. Eishockey Manager is no stranger to this genre and to be honest I enjoy this one in particular, for the typical management features, but, the most original thing of the game is that during a match, there are some variables shown on the user interface you can use to change tactics.

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